BITOSA Gujarat-Pune-Mumbai Fun Fête

United BITOSA Mumbai, supported by BITOSA Gujarat and BITOSA Pune are organizing the Fun Fête at "Reso'villa Deharje Village, Off Manor, Near Vikaramgad Taluka" on Sat, July 28th 2018.

All BIT, Alumni and their families may opt to attend for the day long fun and frolic, or event select to stay overnight night to build bonds and add to the enjoyment with an evening full of entertainment and memories.

Needless to say, the bonds of Gujarat, Pune and Mumbai residents have always been strong. The magic of being at the same Institute for the years can only cement and strength the bond. So far, the togetherness felt by the same Class/Match mates has been extended to Alumni from 1955 to 2017 batches!! It has to be experienced to be believed that commonalities exist between any one who may be 20 years or 80 years, but it does and it happens only at BIT, Mesra. May be it’s the empathy of talking about mess food or just the memories of the beautiful forests, but whichever the Department, Architecture, Pharmacy, Management, Engineering or any other, when BITians gather we become one.

This event is slated to be a real winner, we have the energy, drive of the youthful Pune team, the leadership of the Mumbai team and new vibrancy of the Gujarat team – let us bring in one cultural event from each area to add to celebration!

Details of the program can be found in the Event pages and online registration is just a click away.

The current students from BIT Mesra of Batch 2018, who were doing internships in Mumbai, Pune & around are invited as their Special Guest.